What’s New in Travel Tech

These days, packing for a trip doesn’t just mean loading up clothes and toiletries. Check out the latest travel tech accessories that you need in your bag.

The tile tracking chip

Photo: Tile

Tracking Devices

How many times do you misplace your keys or cell phone in a given week? Sure, they aren’t really lost, but spending 10 minutes hunting for a misplaced item is a lousy way to kick off your day. Now imagine dealing with that when you’re on the road and constantly unpacking and repacking your luggage. Save yourself the stress with a little travel tech in the form of local tracking devices. These small devices help you reclaim your sanity by telling you exactly where you left your keys in the hotel room, or which bag your cell phone is buried inside. There are plenty of tracking devices on the market to choose from; we like the Nokia Treasure Tag and the Tile (pictured). Connect the tracker to your possessions, and the tracker’s Bluetooth capability will keep track of where the items are at all times.

All of the USB Ports

Save your family from fighting over the single car charger on your next road trip and upgrade to a multiport USB charger. This travel tech offers an inexpensive way to keep connected, and that means more pictures taken, more music played, more Snapchats sent—and a car full of happy travelers. You can find plenty of options for multiport USB car chargers on Amazon or at your local electronics store.

Zolt multi-use plug

Photo: Zolt

More Power, Less Space

Ever wish you had a power strip in your bag so you could charge multiple devices at once while traveling? Whether you’re limited to one outlet because you’re using an adapter in a foreign country or because you don’t want to attract an angry mob at the airport, the Zolt allows you to get all of the juice you need without taking up multiple outlets. With this piece of travel tech you can charge up to three devices and it fits in your pocket.

Entertainment Your Way

Books, sudoku puzzles and in-flight movies don’t have to be your only entertainment options on the road. You can take your favorite shows with you with entertainment apps and devices. We love the Direct TV app, which lets you stream shows, watch on-demand movies and even access entertainment saved to your DVR (if you’re a Direct TV subscriber).

While you’re working on upgrading your travel tech, don’t neglect your suitcase. Upgrade it with these luggage tracking devices.

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