Webinar: River Cruising: The Hottest Trend in Travel

Experiencing the world’s classic cities on a river cruise vacation is the hottest ticket in travel.

But what makes river cruising so popular? According to Gary Murphy, co-owner of AmaWaterways, recent rise in river cruise vacations is tied in part to increasing room size and more luxurious amenities. But Murphy also reasons that it’s because river cruise vacations are designed to maximize your daylight. Exploration is easy, as ships dock right in the middle of the world’s most quintessential cities, which line the banks of the world’s most important rivers. And because your ship cruises between cities while you sleep, you wake up well-rested and ready to explore a brand-new destination on your river cruise vacation. (And the AAA Travel discounts are pretty good, to boot.)

AAA Travel offers a wide variety of river cruise itineraries. Call 877-396-7159 or click to contact a AAA Travel Counselor.

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Janice Yip-Hudson, AAA Travel Counselor, Daly City, Calif.

Today, people's lives are so busy. We're thinking three days ahead just to get through our to-do lists. I love helping my clients plan vacations where they have nothing to do but relax; where time stands still, and you're just on vacation.

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