Set Your Own Pace in San Antonio

Enjoy a blend of culture on a 3-night stay deep in the heart of Texas.

San Antonio River Walk

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Take advantage of cooler temperatures when you visit San Antonio this fall. Three nights gives you plenty of time to appreciate the authentic blend of Spanish, Mexican and American influences that define this Texas city’s distinct culture. Elements of each heritage surface in the city’s food, art, language and architecture.

One of the more notable buildings, the Alamo, has witnessed this cultural synthesis for more than 300 years. It played a role in Spanish colonization, Mexican independence, Texan independence and the Confederacy; today, the complex houses a splendid garden and exhibitions related to Texas history.

It’s an easy walk to the San Antonio River Walk, a 15-mile, pedestrian-friendly waterfront way navigable by foot, river cruiser or bicycle. The River Walk parallels the San Antonio River and runs below street level, letting visitors set their own pace en route to museums, cafés, shops and any other attractions.

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Marco Ruiz, AAA Travel Counselor, Monterey, Calif.

I love to suggest Italy and Spain because of the culture and the flair of the people–their fashions, language and way of life. They take time to enjoy life's pleasures. When you're there, you feel it, too.

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