Bright Spot: Hvar, Croatia

Bask in the glory of this sunny and stylish Croatian island.

Harbor at Stari Grad

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From the moment you step off your ferry (or yacht) onto the stunning Croatian island of Hvar, you’re met by an alluring mix of historic charm and gorgeous mountain backdrops. You’ll likely be bathed in brightness wherever you go; sunshine is more plentiful on Hvar than anywhere else on the Adriatic Sea.

Located near the center of the Adriatic’s eastern edge, Hvar—pronounce the “h” and “v” together quickly, as though they were one letter—was a key regional trade hub for centuries. You’ll soon see evidence of the waves of conquerors—from the ancient Greeks to the medieval Venetians to empiric Austrians—who left their marks on the island’s unique architecture and culture everywhere.

Arrive on Hvar via the picturesque, red-roofed harbor of Stari Grad, one of the oldest towns in Europe. Head into the island’s interior, where you’ll find unspoiled greenery, craggy mountains, centuries-old vineyards and fragrant fields of lavender, the island’s biggest export.

Coast of Croatia

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About half an hour from Stari Grad on the western end of the long and narrow island, the glamorous little town of Hvar is a sight to see, with marble streets, chic restaurants, a yacht-filled harbor and striking views of the open Adriatic. Summer, of course, is the prime season, but it’s less hectic in spring and fall, and a few establishments stay open all winter. Enjoy a boat excursion to the Pakleni Islands just offshore, where you can discover isolated coves and unwind on secluded sandy beaches. Go ahead, tap into your inner celebrity—whatever you do and wherever you go, this island feels like your private hideaway.

Traditional Croatian cake

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Try a Taste of Croatia
It’s not just their high see-and-be-seen quotients that keep the top restaurants in Hvar so packed; it’s that their fare is some of the best in all of Croatia. Try the divine seafood at the elegant Restaurant Zori on the island of Palmižana, or the modern take on traditional Croatian cuisine at Hvar Town’s Giaxa.

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