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Discover the Beauty of Bali

7-night guided vacation, from $1,315*, per person, departs year-round


  • Days 1-3 / Ubud
    Begin your discovery of the culture of Bali with a traditional Balinese dance performance. Drive to Tampak Siring to visit the 11th century temple of Gunung Kawi. Learn about simple village life and the age old water sharing system that Balinese farmers use on a guided walking tour through a village and rice fields with a local farmer.

  • Days 4-5 / Ubud – Nusa Dua
    Drive from Ubud to Nusa Dua, two islands just off the coast of the peninsula. Explore the area on your own or take an optional tour. Trek up the highest peak of Mount Batur to see a glorious sunrise over a volcanic crater or indulge in an exhilarating river rafting adventure on the Ayung River with a backdrop of waterfalls and rainforest.

  • Days 6-8 / Nusa Dua
    Visit the bustling local market and browse the stalls piled high with colorful vegetables, tropical fruits, exotic spices and fragrant herbs and then learn to cook traditional Balinese cuisine in a hands-on cooking class—which ends with your own lavish Balinese feast. Visit the famous cliff-hanging temple at Uluwatu and enjoy an evening of Kecak dancing followed by a barbecue seafood dinner under the stars. In the morning, transfer to the airport for your journey home.


Bali is more than a South Pacific island known for green-clad volcanoes and rumbling surf. While certainly visually stunning, it is a spiritual place with friendly locals going about their traditional Indonesian lives. Begin your vacation in Bali at the intersection of history, culture and nature in Ubud, toward the island’s interior, and get acquainted with rice-growing practices as you walk through the terraced rice paddies and marvel at women balancing crowns of colorful fruits on their heads.

A private “Volcano, Temple and Terraces Tour” combines a traditional interpretive dance telling the story of good versus evil with a visit to Gunung Kawi. These 11th-century temples, surrounded by lush rice fields, feature 10 shrines meticulously carved into the cliff face. The next day, a rice farmer guides you on a gentle trek through his village and paddies, explaining his agricultural practices and showing off the region’s nature. The views prove vastly different than the ones that follow a short drive to the southern coast and its beautiful beaches. Here, the horizon extends to white sands rimmed in cerulean water. Bask in the sunshine while also taking time to attend an Indonesian cooking class or participate in optional tours.

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Offered by: Avanti Destinations

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