Travel Smarter: Using Credit Cards Abroad

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This time, as part of our Travel Smarter series, our experts talk about using credit cards abroad and offer tips on the best ways you can take advantage of AAA Travel’s services to make smart financial decisions on the road.

Using Credit Cards Abroad

Card-Carrying Convenience
Worried about the safety of using your debit card or credit cards while traveling or abroad? You can have the convenience of a card without the worry of carrying your own with a AAA Visa TravelMoney® Card, which is accepted at millions of businesses and ATMs worldwide. But if you are using your debit or credit cards abroad, avoid blocked transactions by letting your credit-card company and bank know before you leave on vacation. Also ask if they charge foreign currency exchange fees for international transactions.

Chip-and-PIN Cards
For years, magnetic-strip security technology in debit and credit cards was standard around the world. But many merchants, especially in Europe, now only accept new-generation chip-and-PIN cards, which contain embedded smart chips. Most major banks and credit card companies United States offer them, so check with yours about obtaining a chip-and-PIN card well before your trip.

Keep Your Change
Traveling to one of these countries? You can—with some reservations, in some places—use the U.S. dollar in addition to local currency.

• Bahamas
• Belize
• Cambodia
• Costa Rica
• Ecuador
• Myanmar
• Nicaragua
• Panama
• Vietnam

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