What’s What on a River Cruise Ship

If you’re new to river cruising, you might be wondering what the experience on board a cruise is like.

River cruising continues to grow as a popular vacation choice and it’s now possible to cruise the rivers of six continents.

Smaller than ocean liners, riverboats are more easily maneuvered through narrow waterways and can access quiet, unusual ports. The ships are increasingly well appointed and offer many of the same cruise ship amenities passengers enjoy on ocean liners.

This slide show will help you discover what it’s like to sail the storied rivers of Europe and the exotic waterways of India and Southeast Asia on a river cruise ship filled with luxurious amenities.

When you’re ready to book, be sure to ask your AAA Travel Counselor about special offers, Member benefits, extra amenities and select AAA Vacations departures.

What an even deeper look at river cruising? Learn what it’s like to sail the Rhone and Saone on a French river cruise.

AAA Travel offers river cruise options around the world. Call 877-396-7159 or contact a AAA Travel Counselor to start planning your trip.

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Marco Ruiz, AAA Travel Counselor, Monterey, Calif.

I love to suggest Italy and Spain because of the culture and the flair of the people–their fashions, language and way of life. They take time to enjoy life's pleasures. When you're there, you feel it, too.

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