Hawaii Highs & Lows

A Hawaiian family vacation offers a bounty of activities to please every age and adventure range.

Waterfall at Waipi’o Valley on Kona

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What’s the secret to planning a family vacation that pleases all ages? Providing a steady stream of thrills for more adventurous family members, while also offering plenty of time for relaxation. The Hawaiian Islands are the perfect playground for multigenerational family vacations. Whether you seek sky-high adventures or want to dive deep (maybe even literally!) into Hawaii’s hidden treasures, your family will delight in the variety of activities on these islands.


Snorkeling with Manta Rays

Get inches away from mysterious manta rays on your Hawaiian family vacation. With wingspans of up to 20 feet, these enormous creatures can be seen only at night when they emerge to feast on plankton.

Kaumana Caves Tour

Descend a staircase into an opening in a 25-mile lava tube, which was created by a Mauna Loa lava flow more than 130 years ago. The caves are an easy stop en route to visit Pe’epe’e Falls and Boiling Pots during your Hawaiian family vacation.

Kaumana Cave entrance

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Atlantis Submarine Tour

Watch fish dart amid the psychedelic landscape of a coral-covered sunken ship through the easy-viewing window of Hawaii’s only submarine tour.

Kayak in the Kai

Here’s a little Hawaiian lingo for you. Kai is the Hawaiian word for ocean and sea. If you can’t get enough kai, the really energetic members on your Hawaiian family vacation can head out to sea for a day of traversing the coast during a 17-mile kayak adventure.


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Jungle Zipline Adventure

Spanning a mile’s worth of high-speed zipline, this jungle canopy adventure has you crossing Hawaii’s longest suspension bridge as it sways above the plunging ravine.

Mauna Kea Stargazing

A visit to the Mauna Kea Observatories during your Hawaiian family vacation will make you realize just how massive the universe really is. The nearly 360-degree view lets you see almost every star, planet and constellation in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Haleakala Summit Sunrise Bike Ride

Looking for a thrill to start your morning? Consider a guided bike ride, complete with some of the most stunning sunrise views in Hawaii, from the top of Haleakala Crater.

Volcano Helicopter Tour

Circle above Hawaii Volcanoes National Park while watching steam billow more than 270 feet into the air from Kilauea’s Halemaumau Crater. Then swoop in for a closer look at Mauna Loa, a 13,680-foot volcano whose tubes, caverns and lava flows cover almost half the island. See for yourself when you watch this video taken from a helicopter.

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