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10 of the Best Foods at Disneyland® Resort

The best foods at Disneyland® Resort are almost as much fun as the attractions.

best food at disneylandYou probably have a list of attractions to check out on your visit to Disneyland® Park and the neighboring Disney California Adventure® Park, but have you figured out the special treats and meals you’ll eat in between whirls around Space Mountain? For a list of must-eats and favorite sweets, we checked in with Disneyland® Resort Executive Chef John State.

Countdown our 10 Must-Eat Foods at Disneyland® Resort

1. Hot Link Corn Dogs

These well-spiced dogs are hand-dipped in a fresh batter that’s a tad sweet and then fried until golden and crunchy. “The batter-to-dog ratio is perfect,” State says. “You don’t lose the flavor of the dog in the center.”
Where: Stage Door Café and Little Red Wagon in Disneyland® Park; Corn Dog Castle in Disney California Adventure® Park

2. Monte Cristo Sandwich

A turkey, ham and swiss sandwich is battered and fried, dusted with powered sugar and served with a berry purée to make the ultimate treat. “It’s one of those items that when you mention it to people, they say, ‘Oh, yes, that’s so good,’” State says.
Where: Café Orleans and Blue Bayou Restaurant in Disneyland® Park

3. Pineapple Dole Whip Float

After watching the boisterous ensemble of singing birds at Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, try one of these refreshing and frothy drinks, made with 100-percent pineapple juice and soft-serve ice cream. “On a hot day, there’s nothing better,” State says.
Where: Tiki Juice Bar in Disneyland® Park

4. Lobster Roll

Made with real lobster and served on a split, buttered bun with mayonnaise, celery and a splash of lemon juice, this classic sandwich is what you’d expect to find on the coast in New England.
Where: Harbour Galley in Disneyland® Park

5. Mickey Mouse-Shaped Beignets

These light and airy doughnuts are made from scratch in the shape of everyone’s favorite mouse. “First we build the dough,” State says. “Then we cut it, sheet it and roll it to the right thickness. Then we cut it again and cook it as close to the time of order as possible. Each beignet is dusted with sugar. A lot of work goes into these. They’re one of the more time-intensive food items in the park.”
Where: Mint Julep Bar and Café Orleans in Disneyland® Park

6. Matterhorn Macaroons

These coconut mountains are flakey and light and iced with white chocolate snow. “I just love the way they look,” State says. “It tells you where you’re at. And if you’re a fan of coconut, you’re in good shape.” Pick one up, then get in line for the Matterhorn Bobsleds.
Where: Jolly Holiday Bakery Café in Disneyland® Park

7. Fried Chicken

This lightly seasoned chicken is freshly breaded and fried until crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It’s just like Grandma makes it, and it’s served with mashed potatoes and green beans. “This is one of our most popular dishes,” State says.
Where: Plaza Inn in Disneyland® Park

8. Carthay Signature Fried Biscuits

Melted, velvety white cheddar cheese, crisp bits of bacon and spicy jalapeños fill these doughy balls of goodness. “These are so popular that they almost broke the back of the restaurant,” State says.
Where: Carthay Circle Restaurant in Disney California Adventure® Park

9. Lobster Nachos

Thick, hand-cut tortilla chips are piled with generous amounts of lobster, black beans, pico de gallo, jack and cheddar cheeses, sour cream and salsa. “These are not your everyday nachos,” State says. “The lobster makes them a game-changer.”
Where: Cove Bar in Disney California Adventure® Park

10. Fried Green Tomato Sandwich

Tomatoes grown under California sunshine star in this sandwich, served on a potato roll with a side of fresh fruit.
Where: Café Orleans in Disneyland® Park

Inset photo: As to Disney artwork/properties: © Disney

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