9 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About the Cruise Industry

How many people take a cruise each year? What’s the average length of a voyage? And how many slices of bacon do ships serve in a week? Here’s a look inside the cruise industry.

Originally published in the 2015 Cruise issue of AAA Traveler.

We were curious, so we decided to track down the answers to some of our burning questions about the cruise industry. Of course, a roundup like this wouldn’t be complete without some zany extras. Take a look at how the cruise industry stacks up by the numbers. You never know when facts like these can come in handy—say, at your local pub’s trivia night or during a dinner party conversation. We’re not sure what kind of dinner party conversation that would be, but hey, you never know.

cruise industry facts

Feature image: courtesy Royal Caribbean International®

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Rose Stadt, AAA Travel Counselor, Vallejo, Calif.

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