5 Travel Apps for Navigating the Airport Experience

Need help getting to and through the airport? Yeah, there’s a travel app for that.

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What with the parking and the security lines and the byzantine layouts of major international airports, air travel can be super stressful. But with the following five travel apps, it doesn’t have to be.


Cost: Free

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

What it does: GateGuru aims to smooth out the entire travel experience. Once you input your itinerary, the travel app connects the dots of your entire day of travel. GateGuru lets you know you where you’ll check in and offers real-time flight status updates, but it also provides airport maps complete with amenity information and reviews, and it estimates security line wait times.


Cost: Free (An ad-less version of TripIt costs $0.99; TripIt Pro is $49 per year)

Available for: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone

What it does: Keeping track of all your vacation info can be tricky, with confirmation email after confirmation email clogging your inbox but there are travel apps to help with that. TripIt links to your email account and automatically organizes all of your confirmations—flights and hotel rooms, and even dinner reservations—into one handy itinerary, and it alerts you to any changes. TripIt Pro is pricey, but it provides real-time travel alerts and helps locate better airplane seats, alternate flights and fare refunds, should the need arise.


Cost: $2.99

Available for: iOS, Android, Nokia phones

What it does: Airport Maps puts maps of 61 major North American airports at your fingertips, letting you quickly learn the layout of any unfamiliar airport. Best of all, this travel app works with or without a data connection, so you can find your connecting gate—and if there’s a Cinnabon on the way—while you’re still in the air.


Cost: $4.99

Available for: iOS, Android

What it does: iFly Pro provides in-depth guides to more than 700 airports around the world—from Aalborg to Zürich—and it includes live flight-tracking maps that alert you to flight delays and cancellations and updates to your terminal, gate and baggage claim information. But it’s the little things that seasoned travelers will appreciate about this travel app — iFly Pro also lets you know where the Wi-Fi hot spots are and how far the walk to your gate is going to be, and it even offers a few ideas for how to kill time during long layovers. Some features can be used offline to plan your airport transit while you’re still in flight. (The free basic version offers the airport guides, but not the flight status utility nor the app’s itinerary management utility.)


Cost: Free

Available for: iOS

What it does: Nobody likes standing in lines. That goes double for airport security lines. MiFlight is a crowdsourced travel app where users can access the wait times for the airport security checkpoints in more than 150 of the world’s busiest airports. The app lets you know when the wait time was last updated by date and time, and it also offers terminal maps for each of its airports.

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If you’re traveling abroad make sure you also have one of these translation apps installed on your mobile device.

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