10 Best Places to Travel to in 2017

Wondering where to vacation this year? Plan your next trip with this list of the best places to travel to in 2017.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

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The geographic diversity of the Emerald Isle astonishes. The landscape varies, and includes dramatic cliffs, primordial bogs and rolling hills of grass so green they seem illuminated. That abundance is matched by a rich culture—centuries worth of music, literature, castles and mythology—ripe for exploration.


Iceland is a bucket-list destination for many. Its pristine landscapes are untouched. Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital and largest city, is a large, vibrant town of cafés and small museums, and live music can be heard late into the night. Take a short drive beyond the city limits and you can climb a glacier, slip into a geothermal hot spring and spot reindeer as they trot across the tundra.


The food alone could justify a trip to Italy. You can wander into almost any sidewalk café for a plate of pasta and a glass of wine, and it will likely be an experience you’ll remember for years. Another reason it’s one of the best places to travel: Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage sites, so you’re never far from another cultural marvel.


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Croatia’s coastline, dotted with hundreds of islands, may be its claim to fame, but Croatia’s cuisine—stocked with seafood, olive oil and wine—is gaining attention, and it helped the country secure its spot as one of the best places to travel to in 2017. The old town of Dubrovnik—at the south end of the coast, with its remarkably well-preserved walls—is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic.


Not surprisingly, the world’s second-largest country offers a vast variety of vacation choices. Find world-class skiing in British Columbia, dude ranch round-ups in Alberta, and icebergs along the rugged coast of Newfoundland. If an outdoor adventure isn’t your ideal vacation, head to Québec City for old-world cobblestone streets or Toronto for a cosmopolitan buzz.


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Though reconstruction from the 2015 earthquake is still ongoing, there’s plenty to do in Nepal. The country’s stunning mountain scenery is unequaled, and you can hike, climb or just gaze at the snow-covered peaks. Rafting, kayaking, paragliding, bungee jumping and mountain biking are also available to the adventurous. Afterward, find peace and quiet among the temples and teahouses.

Antelope herd in Botswana

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Thanks to anti-poaching programs driven by conservation groups and the local government, Botswana is now among the places where you can see wildlife’s big five. Home to the Okavango Delta and otherwise covered by the Kalahari Desert, Botswana boasts some of southern Africa’s most stunning landscapes, and it’s renowned for its low-impact, upmarket tourism business.


Argentina means tango and soccer, wine and waterfalls. The country is one of the best places to travel to for its Iguassu Falls. The falls, nearly 2 miles wide, are surrounded by Atlantic rainforest and form the border separating Argentina and Brazil. There are still relatively unexplored regions, too. Venture to the country’s northwest corner, and you’ll be rewarded with modern hotels and restaurants that mingle with traditional gaucho culture and few tourists.


Beyond the ancient temples and shrines and the ultramodern cities and bullet trains of Japan lies a world of natural wonders. Hike from hut to hut through the Japanese Alps, dive into the coral reefs off of white sand beaches outside Okinawa, or sink into one of the many natural hot springs found in nearly every region of the country.


The famous beaches and nightlife always beckon, but so do Mexico’s deserts, cities and unspoiled cloud forest, which the BBC called the most magical forest on earth. Colonial-era San Miguel de Allende and Oaxaca, both rich in history and culture, are magnets for artists and other creative types.

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